Capacity developmen: 6 division organizes air layering for personnel.

In a bid to realise the potentials inherent in the Barracks Investment Initiative Program (BIIP), that was launched by the Nigerian Army (NA) in 2017, 6 Division organised a one-day capacity building training for personnel and their families. The training was conducted at Lieutenant General F Yahaya Badminton Court, Port Harcourt Barracks, Rivers State.

The training had a lecture that was delivered by a subject matter expert, Mr Shola Aye, founder of Fusion in Ideas Nigeria Limited. Mr Aje took participants through the rudiments of air layering as well as the use of renewable energy products in the contemporary business environment. He emphasised the increasing demand of agricultural inputs globally, especially in the aspects of seedlings that have a short gestation period.

He reiterated the need for individuals to develop requisite skills to be able to fit into the competitive market environment. He further said that plant species nurtured through air layering produce fruits faster and they are healthier for human consumption.

Mr Shola encouraged personnel and their families to take advantage of the skills as it has the ability to open up multiple streams of income to them. The training also had a practical session, where participants had hands-on training on how to air lay plants. They were also espoused to a mini exhibition, where various products of renewable energy were displayed to elicit their interest in their efficacy in doing small and medium scale businesses.

The training had the General Officer Commanding, 6 Division, NA/ Land Component Commander, Joint Force, Operation DELTA SAFE, Major General Jamal Abdussalam, Chairperson, Nigerian Army Officers Wives’ Association, commanders of 6 Division affiliated formations and units, staff officers, officers, members of NAOWA as well as soldiers in attendance.

The training was designed to develop the requisite agro business skills amongst personnels and their families in line with the provisions of the BIIP.

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