Business and Politicians in Osun; by Raji Kehinde a. K. a Aaraj.

The level of poverty among our people recently has nosedived into a sorry state immediately after the subsidy removal,our youths mostly are jobless,the aged lack medicare because they can’t afford hospital bills,it’s high time we start making positive impacts by supporting them financially,we have a lot of blessed osun indigenes home and abroad,God will help us all .

To the businessmen and women,especially contractors,the measure of your wealth is not in the number of cars or mansions acquired but in the number of lifes touched,how many CSR have you done since you incorporated your business with notable contracts,enough is enough,the era of ‘chop’ alone is over,the people will start calling you out if care is not taken, stop giving peanuts as rewards, they know your worth and assets, some of us has wined and dined with every government in power since the creation of the state with no visible impact on the people,i have taken the bull by the horn though have not made a penny in six years from Osun state, some of the contractors conspired with politicians to deny me but God kept his promises and opened imaginable doors,stop eating alone ,start building our leaders of tommorrow, God help us all.

To the political class including the Goverment in power both at the state and federal,its hightime to review your reward systems,the era of use and dump is over,it is called EXECUTIVE WICKEDNESS,if you have conscience,you should know its satanic,if its continued,you will regret your actions,you better retrace your steps before its too late,people are more enlightened now,if you think all your followers are paupers,you must be deceiving yourselves, the heart of gratitude is what is required and you will be in their good books.

To the Senators,House of REP members,State legislatiors and other political appointees giving peanuts as salaries/rewards to aides,where is your conscience?what stops you from sowing 50% of your income monthly to your electorates to secure your future ambitions?they know your total packages and income,no one is a fool any longer,if you don’t repent,the youths who are 60% of the electorates will vote your GREED out at the polls soon,ask opportunist who did same in time past,they are full of regrets today.

Finally,I will encourage us all to join hands together to build a stronger financially mobile youth system we can all be proud of and not political scavengers,moles,blackmailers that we take advantage of,God preserve and provide for us all,Amen.

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