Be the judge,Who destroyed Osun APC, Aregbesola or Oyetola?


There are events that preceded that Ijebujesha stakeholders meeting of Feb 14th 2022 where Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola was misquoted as insulted Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I used “misquoted” because what he said wasn’t exactly what was reported by some sections of the media, though, he actually spoke in annoyance, but there are events that happened before this day that were underreported by medias for the reason best known to them.

On 18/11/2021, gun men invaded ORANMIYAN house Osogbo, wounded many of Rauf Aregbesola’s loyalists in the place of their meetings.
That is act one scene one.

On 02/02/2022, another attack on same ORANMIYAN house Osogbo where the edifice was destroyed with guns and the building nearly set ablaze by Oyetola political thugs.
Act two, scene two.

All these and many more happened under the watch of former governor Oyetola and nothing was done to stop it then.

Those who defended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s outburst against former president Muhammadu Buhari at Abeokuta the other time as reaction to some actions against him did not see Ogbeni’s outburst at Ijebujesha as reaction to some actions against him by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Oyetola because of their hypocrisy.

Even our current president was aware of it but, did nothing about it.
This politics of segregation introduced by Oyetola continued unabated until July 16th 2022 and they were expecting the people they attacked with dangerous weapons to vote for Oyetola on election day.

They were expecting people who purchased party nomination forms to contest under the platform of the party but were unjustly denied lawful participations to mobilize and vote for Oyetola.
Many people who were already in the party excos before Óyetola became governor were unjustly removed and replaced with another people on allegation that they were Rauf Aregbesola’s loyalists and as a result of that,they were not supposed to be in party’s excos and they were expecting these people too to vote for Oyetola on July 16th.

All these, just to mention but, few were actions taken by Oyetola and his people before July 16th 2022 governorship election that Òyètola lost and they are now blaming Rauf Aregbesola for their failures as if Rauf was the one that took all these actions or instructed Oyetola to sidelined his loyalists in the party.

Alhaji Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola was the architect of his own misfortune and not Rauf Aregbesola.
If Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola during his own tenure could use his own wisdom to hold party together and still went a step further to wooed his arch opponents in 2014 for him to be able to win his reelection, I wouldn’t know why Oyetola on his own part create dichotomy within the party instead of unifying it, considering how he emerged in 2018, the decision which polarized the party and made some notable members of the party to leave the party. Ìsáàsùn (Pot) tíkòmòn wípé òhun yíój’ata ìgbàtí ódé Orí Inán tán l’óbá nse Àròsìn.

Oyetola and his IleriOluwa group destroyed Osun APC and not Rauf Aregbesola and his group. Those blaming Rauf Aregbesola are economical with the truth.

Osun APC would not have lost all the subsequent elections after July 16th 2022 had it been Oyetola and his group embraced the hands of friendship that Rauf Aregbesola’s loyalists extended to them immediately after Osun governorship election where a press conference was held and we openly desolved our TOP caucus. We did this to give room for peace and reconciliation, but the IleriOluwa group egocentrically ignored us with the fake hope of winning back the governorship seat through election petition tribunal.

The political think thank of Oyetola are too weak to think straight and embrace the golden opportunity which would have to some exttent helped the party APC to win at least some seats in both house of representatives, house of assembly and senate. They went on bragging as usual that they are winning back the governorship seat through abracadabra and they will deal with our group after returning to power but at the end of the day, their hope was dashed.
In conclusion, may the almighty God punish those whose actions and inactions led Osun APC to electoral defeat.
A M E N.

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