Bayelsa Kingdom gives red card to PDP,

Bayelsa Kingdom gives red card to PDP,

A dominant dominant kingdom in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, the Epie-Atisa Kingdom has issued a red card to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ahead of the November 16 governorship election in the state.

Members of the kingdoms, who rose from their meeting in Yenagoa under the auspices of Epie-Atissa Voice (EAV), raised red cards insisting that they were no longer interested in the PDP following the party’s failure to develop their area.

They said they were all moving to the All Progressives Congress (APC) to support its governorship candidate, Chief David Lyon accusing the PDP of under-performance.

The Coordinator of the Epie\Atissa Voice, Kalizibe Joseph, who likened government to a football, said the PDP had been in the field for a long time without scoring expected goals and should be given a red card.

He said: “We want peace in the state and we all know that when a football has not gone so well, It is left for the referee to issue a yellow card as well as a red card. So our case is likened to that of a football game.

“It is on this note that the Epie/Atissa people have decided and unanimously rejected PDP and want to take over government through the ballots. We are backing the All progressive Congress (APC) candidate, Chief David Lyon, whom we believe has come to our rescue.

“We are using this medium to say that in as much as the restoration government and the PDP are deriving joy in underdeveloping our people, we have also resolved that come February 14th 2020, they have to quit because they dont have any other option than to leave our residents”.

Also speaking, the Director General, David Lyon Youth Vanguard, Comrade, Moso Duenize, said the journey to take over their destiny has just begun, adding that the PDP has done nothing but to underdeveloped the capital city where we are from and the state in general.

He said it was pathetic that Yenagoa became the darkest capital in the country under the PDP government despite the huge federal allocation received monthly by the state.

He added: “When there’s rain the whole state is always flooded, for about eight year the government is not even looking towards that direction. Its so pathetic that Yenagoa is described as the darkness capital in the country. The level of crime experienced currently has never been as terrible in the history of the state.

“We can’t sleep with comfort because of the government’s failure to curb criminality in the state. We can no longer as a people continue in this direction, even as we play host to the capital city but we are relegated to the background”.

A chieftain of the APC, Chief Preye Agama, who moved the motion for the issuance of a red card to the PDP, said the decision was adopted by the over thirty communities of in the kingdom.

“We have tested the PDP for eight years and nothing came out of it rather we have suffered exclusion, total darkness ,flooding due to bad drainage and insecurity.

“Yenagoa has become the Darkest state capital in the country. We are the landlord and we have sacked the PDP to pack out and the APC should come in with Chief David Lyon come November 16th,” he said.

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