Aregbesola has not appointed any aides,please disregard any of fake news that has no verifiable link.

Aregbesola hasn’t appointed any aids, pls disregard any fake news that has no verifiable link..

Prior to the fakenews spreading on social media which cut my attention about appointment of Honorable minister Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, by one serial liar Basorun Adekanola Desmond, firstly I don’t expect any rightly thinking person to swallow Adekanola brainless n fake write-up about Aregbesolas appointment

Secondly and emphatically Aregbesola has not make any appointments as a minister of federal republic of Nigeria and there is no law that says your people should not be around you bcoz your a minister, aslo anybody you see around Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola today are living on their own bill not even on ministry of interior or in the ministry quarters .

Basorun Desmond is a known liar and an obvious enemy of Progress of the state of Osun, which some of us know him for spreading fake news about anything Aregbesola or APC if not he won’t support a dullard Demola Adeleke a F9 pending pending to come and rule a blessed state like Osun.

How do you expect a minister of federal ministry to makes appointment in a low-key without proper announcement?, Bcox of what? At least there must be an official paper for such appointment and arrangements for their payment, which he can’t provide.

Pls disregard this news and let wait for the best from Honorable minister …

Good day to Progressives only..

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