Ara and Ede in History.


During the reign of Alara Adumari,the eight Alara, a local conflict called the Ijesha war about 1755-1760 threatened the Ara community,the Ijesha warriors were kidnapping children from Ara and other nearby communities.
As a result of this war, the Alara of Ara, the Olójo of Ojo,and the Alawo of Awo, met together and delibrated on what step could be taken to combat the horrible impact of the Ijesha war on their ancient communities. These Obas resolved to send a delegation to Sango Olufinran,the fourth Alaafin of Oyo to ask that he provide them with someone who could help to protect the three communities.On arriving in Oyo, the delegation tabled their case. The Alaafin received them warmly and asked them to wait until his Eso (Warriors) return from a particular war, when the Alaafin Eso, Gbonka and Alapotiemi were coming back from war, the Alaafin called the delegation of Alara, Alawo and Olojo to point to their choice among the Esos, the delegation pointed to a particular Eso who hung the heaviest charm bag on his shoulder, Alapotiemi whose name means the (heaviest charm bag owner) his actual name is Agbale Olofa Ina and became the founder and first Timi of Ede.
After their choice, the Alaafin willingly released Alapotiemi now called Timi to be follow any external aggression or attack. The Timi established Ede for this purpose.
Despite the relationship with Timi Ara was raided during the Eleepo war with Ibadan. The Eleepo war forced the inhabitants of Ara to flee,resulting to the end of the original community of Ara, the Ibadan warrior Eleepo.
This period of Yoruba intratribal warfare occurred between 1850 and 1864.

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