“Amotekun” Who is the real traitor of Yorubas; Professor Akintola replies Femi Fani Kayode.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


Sequel to Fani-Kayode’s attack on my person on social media, I sent out series of twitter messages this evening which I will like to share with my friends:

Fani-Kayode called Ishaq Akintola a traitor. ‘Traitor’ in what matter? That is terminological inexactitude. Somebody must betray in a matter over which you have all agreed before you can call him a traitor. What did we agree on? Who did we betray?

Did we ever agree together on Amotekun? Did you ever carry the Muslims along? How can we be traitors in a matter in which we were never taken into consideration? How can we be traitors in a matter over which we never sat down together to take a decision?

Did we Muslims sit down with the Afenifere or any group and agreed that we should form Amotekun? Can you shave our heads in our absence? Can you defecate for us? Must you eat for us when we are the ones who are hungry? Will that take our hunger away?

Can you drink water for us when we are the ones who are thirsty? Fani-Kayode must be reasonable at least for once. Femi Fani-Kayode has forgotten history. We pity him. Does he think the Yoruba have fallen victims of general amnesia?

He should not have been the one using the word ‘traitor’ in reference to any son of Oduduwa. Talk about kettle calling pot black. Well, now that he has asked for it, we will let him know that when a child rejects pounded yam in the evening, the elders will narrate stories to him.

We have a question for Femi Fani-Kayode: Who were the Yoruba politicians who betrayed the Yoruba? Chief Remi Ade Fani-Kayode or Chief Obafemi Awolowo? Again, who betrayed the Yoruba people and sold them to the North? What role did Fani-Kayode play in that tragedy? Remember?

If Fani-Kayode (Snr) aided and abetted the subjugation of the Yoruba to Northern political hegemony, how can Fani-Kayode (jnr) brazenly call Akintola a slave of the Fulani? Is this not a manifestation of addiction to lying and an incurable phobia for anything honourable?

Fani-Kayode claimed Hausa Muslims cannot pray behind a Yoruba Imam. Fact check: Hausas pray regularly behind a Yoruba Imam (Shaykh Ahmad Onilewura) at the National Mosque, Abuja. When will Fani-Kayode stop lying? Your divide et impera gimmick has failed.

We advise Fani-Kayode as a former minister to learn how to use parliamentary language, at least in public. Unrefined, uncouth and gutter vocabulary should be reserved for area boys. Or are we back in the days of Fani-Power? Those were days when anything goes in politics.

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