Alhaji Buhari Olooto Finally Speak Out To Shut Up Wasiu Ayinde On Fuji Creator Issue.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Alhaji Buhari Olooto Finally Speak Out To Shut Up Wasiu Ayinde On Fuji Creator Issue

I initially decided to ignore this revisionism but let those who know Wasiu Ayinde Marshall inform him he has failed woefully in his ungrateful efforts. Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, this for me is an End of Discussion response. Fuja ko Faaji ni!

First, everyone Wasiu (Ayinde) mentioned in his Flavour album as having played Fuji before Barrister never did. We have challenged K1 to bring evidence of any recorded song by anyone before 1966 when Barrister released his first Fuji album. Up till now, neither Wasiu nor anyone else, including some of the ‘Wérè’ exponents who were Barrister’s seniors and who are still alive. NONE HAS BROUGHT ANY EVIDENCE of the existence of Fuji music before 1966.

Secondly, on the modernisation and acceptance of Fuji, only the younger generations would say Wasiu modernised Fuji because his popularity and songs coincided with their own teen years and growing up. That’s what they experienced. For the older generations, Fuji shredded it’s local garb by 1976 immediately Barrister left the military and began full time career in music.

NOTE please, that he started music in 1958, singing were music. From the late 1970’s when K1 was still an apprentice under Barrister, Fuji had already wrestled down Sakara music and was competing strongly with Apala. Barrister’s several (documented) encounters with Ayinla Omowura from 1973 would show you this clearly. By mid 70’s, Fuji was already making Juju uncomfortable.

Go back to several encounters between Barrister and Sunny Ade by mid 70’s when Sunny Ade was staging weekly show at Hogan Bassey and Barrister was doing same at Miliki Spot, Ebute Meta same Thursdays night. The Fuji that you claimed was only known by some part of Yoruba land until K1 emerged was taken to London by Barrister for a concert as at 1978.

The same period Barrister gave the genre it’s definition in his album: “Who can tell me the full meaning of Fuji… Fuji music is a combination of Sakara, Apala, Juju, Afro, Gudugudu, Aro “. This remains the operating guidelines for all Fuji musicians including K1 till date.

In the 70’s, Fuji music was all over the Yoruba land, cutting into the Christian community. It was already into many cities in Nigeria. Contrary to your claim, the educated, politicians, business tycoons were already big fans of the Barrister’s Fuji and the big stage for rivalry was already set by 1978 between him and Ayinla Kollington.

Fuji had entered the disco hall by the 70’s with Barrister waxing songs, releasing albums to meet with every social trends. He sang Fuji disco, Fuji funky, Fuji reggae, all in the late 70’s. If this was not modernisation, what then is? Between 1979 and 1985, he had wrestled down Juju, positioning Fuji as the go to music for big ceremonies like weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies and political rallies by big time people.

He sang for NPN with Shehu Sagari at the party. He played for MKO Abiola, the Adisa Akinloyes, the Richard Akinjides, the Oba Oyekan of Lagos. He was already a member of the Lagos Island Club, with yearly gigs in tow with Sunny Ade who was a member. Had bagged chieftaincy titles in Lagos, Ibadan from the palaces as at early 80’s. He had sung in English, Hausa, Igbo, Indian languages to his pan Nigerian audience by the late 70’s. I can go on and on.

K1 that you claimed modernisation of Fuji had his hit albums in the 90’s when the process of modernization had long been completed with the scope of operations defined for every Fuji artiste, allowing them the freedom to roam the world of music to fetch more firewood to kindle the ferociously burning fire of fuji music.

By the way, hope you know K1 started Fuji in 1979/80, and his first album was released on his return from mecca, directly reproducing Barrister’s album, Abode Mecca of 1974. In that same album, he serenaded Barrister as Fuji creator. What has now happened? It amounts to a complete waste of time for K1 or anyone for that matter to attempt to foist some fallacy at this stage•

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