Alárà of Arà Kingdom, HRH Dr Windapo Oyelade Abidogun1 on familiarization visit to all towns and villages under his domain:

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Alárà of Arà Kingdom on familiarization visit to all towns and villages under his domain:

The Alara of Ara Kingdom HRM Dr Olubayo Windapo Oyelade Abidogun1 embarked on familiarization visit to all town and villages under his domain, the familiarization visit which commenced last week Tuesday took the monach to some towns and villages under his domain namely Alarasan, Orí Oke,Aro Alara among others.

The familiarization visit today touched Ilawe, Falansa,Obadimun,Arun,Iyemope,Bara,Balogun Obada, Obada Ayetoro to complete the visit.

At Ilawe👇

His Royal Majesty was warmly received by the people of the host communities and the monach used the occasion to canvassed for peace and Tranquility among the communities and he also used the occasion of the visit to appealed to all his subjects to pay their taxes to the government to enable them request for all their demands from the government and get all the needed development from the government. He also reminded them of the population cencus coming very soon and charged them to always ready to pay their dues as and when due.

The host communities were very happy to receive the new King to their respective communities and they reciprocated the visit with presentation of gift items like palm oils and other farm products like Banana, pawpaw among others.
At Obada Ayetoro the monarch was presented with bush meat and palm oil like every other communities visited.
It would be recalled that the new Alara of Ara Kingdom received his instruments of office from the state of Osun government January 23rd this year.

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