by Adabanija Kamorudeen



The State of Osun number one online media group, The Progressives e-Group, has described the minority leader of the State House of Assembly Mr Adewumi Kofoworola as a baby lawmaker that needed to be tutored by his party leaders and members on how to be a good representative not a weeping lawmaker.

The group, while responding to the interview recently granted by the lawmarker with an online news media, where among other things, He accused the State Governor Mr Gboyega Oyetola and the Speaker of the State House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Timothy Owoeye of intolerant and refusal to spend state money lavishly like their past government.

The group said, there is nothing good to hear about the childish outburst of Mr Akogun rather is only finding fault for his low performance since he assumed office about two years ago.
It’s absolutely sad for a lawmaker to hanged his non performance to his inability to meet the Governor or get the speaker to facilitate his meeting with Mr Governor. How on earth does this type of character found himself in the hallow chamber of the state house of Assembly with numerous brilliant minds from his constituency, this is very disturbing, absolutely disturbing!

We urge Mr Adewumi to be responsible to his constitutents instead of him displaying his lack of knowledge on how legislative work on the pages of newspaper, legislative assignments are not done on the pages of newpapers and media.

The group also faulted the claimed by the lawmaker that there is no infrastructures in the State of Osun, this claim shows how mentally low and backward he is. The State of infrastructure before the advent of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola/APC led administration in 2010 and now can not be overemphasized even now that Governor Oyetola is doing beyond expectation.

Progressive e-group hereby implore Mr Adewumi to dust his sight and go round the state to see things for himself instead of re-echoing nothing but lies been dish out by his party leaders and members on social media. “For a man who answered Honorable to claimed ignorant of the development going on in the state in the last ten years of Progressives government in the state of Osun, then there’s urgent need for eyes surgery” the group said.

According to progressive e-group: Many roads has been constructed by the APC government even in his Ede home town, For his laziness and lack of political knowledge/will to go round his constituency shows, Mr Adewumi has been cut off from the people he is purportedly representing.

Progressives e-group, urged the already divided PDP to call their chieftains and members to order not to heat up the polity instead support the Governor Oyetola/APC government to keep delivering the dividends of democracy to the populace and also educate their representative at the state Assembly on the need to support Rt. Hon. Timothy leadership.

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