AEF Donates ₦5 Million to Ramadan/Lent Observers Across Osun State

Osogbo, Osun State- In a heartwarming gesture of unity and compassion, the Aaraji Empowerment Foundation (AEF) announced today that they will be donating a substantial sum of ₦5 million to support both Christian and Muslim observers during the holy seasons of Ramadan and Lent.

AEF’s Commitment to Community Welfare
Founded by the visionary Engineer Kehinde Raji, AEF has consistently demonstrated its commitment to uplifting the lives of people across Osun State. From educational initiatives to healthcare support, the foundation has been a beacon of hope for many.

Ramadan and Lent Observers to Benefit
As the holy month of Ramadan begins for our Muslim brothers and sisters, and Christians observe the season of Lent, AEF recognizes the importance of community solidarity. The foundation’s generous donation aims to ease the financial burden faced by those who dedicate their time to observing these sacred periods.

Engineer Kehinde Raji’s Statement
In a heartfelt post on his Facebook page, Engineer Kehinde Raji expressed his gratitude to all observers and their unwavering commitment to faith. His message read:


Unity Beyond Religious Boundaries
The decision to allocate funds equally to both Christian and Muslim observers underscores AEF’s belief in unity beyond religious boundaries. By supporting those who diligently observe their faith, regardless of denomination, the foundation aims to foster harmony and understanding.

Impact on the Ground
The ₦5 million donation will be distributed across Osun State, reaching observers in various towns, villages, and communities. Whether it’s providing meals, essential supplies, or financial assistance, AEF’s contribution will make a tangible difference in the lives of many families.

As the holy seasons unfold, AEF’s donation stands as a testament to the power of collective goodwill. May this act of kindness inspire others to come together, regardless of faith, and support those in need.

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