Aaraji illuminates Aresa community in Osogbo.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Engineer Raji Kehinde  today again took his philanthropist gesture to the people of Ward 7, 8,9 and 10 ‘Aresa’ area of Osogbo, who have  been in  total darkness for over five(5) weeks now, the information had it that the transformer is in a bad state, efforts were made by the community leaders by reaching out to the politicians across the wards and beyond, but all proved abortive,most of the said politicians denied them access to their domains and even failed to pick their calls at a point.

Aaraji empowerment foundations monthly meeting was held in the area yesterday (17/02/24) and the attendees from the area pleaded to the convener of the foundation to extend his tentacles of kindness to their area,early hours of today, Engr Raji Kehinde and his team visited the area and held a meeting with the elders and leaders in the area,during the meeting, he donated a sum of #1,000,000(one million naira) to the community to cover their #800,000(Eight hundred thousand naira) proposed bill but added exigencies of two hundred thousand to rescue them from the unfortunate mess and to save them from this unbearable heat.

The community were thrown into joyous mood and they all appreciated him and pray to God Almighty to keep protecting him and ALL AEF MEMBERS.
The Community was ably represented by;
Chief Imam Sodiq Ibrahim( Head of Councils of  Osogbo.)
Alhaji Mustapha Aresa ( Baale of Aresa), Alhaji Moshood Aponle (Agbomola of Osogbo) Chief Maruf Osolo of Osogbo land and Chief Imam Ile Aije.

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