“Why don’t you ask what a Military Board really means before running your mouth?

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Utter nonsense!

“Why don’t you ask what a Military Board really means before running your mouth? A Military Board is only constituted for a purpose. It could be for the purpose of selection during recruitment exercises. Every board stands dissolved on completion of its assignment. A selection board is often convened by the Military Secretary (MS) and every documents regarding the selection, including the credentials of both the selected and unsuccessful candidates are often turned over to the MS. PMB went through selection board and was successfully selected and further trained as an officer. His primary and secondary school mates are still alive. The school has attested that he passed through their institution. His former principal have had the cause to attest to his conduct in school before the press. Primarily, NDACE which was the former academic award on completion of training in NDA was placed over and above WAEC. It was an equivalent of HSC. While in the Army, he achieved the Pass Staff College (psc) which is an equivalent of a first degree the world over; including the American and British Army. He went further to the American War college where he emerged with distinction, as well as Msc in strategy studies. The man has been Governor, Minister, Head of State and now; Executive President for over 3 years and you are still kicking for certificate. What an insult? Certificate, my boot. Tell me one academic institution that can teach you what the man has experienced and garnered in his very eventful years of service? What is your own with military board that you hardly understand? I am not unaware that Winston Churchill, the greatest British PM was a failure in school. Ronald Reagan did not arrive the White House with degrees from Harvard or Oxford. Thirty (30); out of forty-five (45) American presidents including Donald Trump were all military men. The best qualification they ever had was the pass staff college or the war college. Please give me a break with military board. PMB is president and will remain president till 2023 regardless the hate and insults”

Innih Akpan

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