The election petition tribunal update from the high court of the federal capital territory Apo Abuja today 1st of February 2019.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Update from the tribunal proceeding for today:
The APC continue bringing in their witness today again with the introduction of our star witness Mr Adeosun Adegboyega Rasak who is the APC collation officer.

The APC seek to tender some documents through the witness which the petitioner did not object to then he went ahead to tender the documents from the following local government
(1) Our counsel seek the permission of the court to tender the CCT copies of the election in the following local government
Boripe 7
Ife north 2
Ife central 4
Ejigbo 4
Ayedade 4.

Boripe ward 2 ward 3 ward 4 ward 5 ward 6 ward 10 and ward 11
All these were admitted and mark as exhibit .
Also Egbedore ward 1,3 and 9.
Ife north North ward 7 & 10 also admitted as exhibit .
Ejigbo ward 2 ward 5 10 & 11.
Ayedade ward 1, 3, 4,& 6.

Form EC8B from ward 5 Ede north local government.
All the documents tendered were admitted and marked as exhibits before the court.

Mr Adeosun Adegboyega Rasaq while leading evidence to the documents told the tribunal he was the state collation officer for the APC during the election and he stated reasons for the cancelation of results in seven wards and reason rerun election was ordered.

He gave account of how the party agents reported to him what transpired in their individual units during the disputed election and why some correction were made on form EC8A and countersigned by electoral officer where they noticed there were errors but which did not affect the figures scored by each political parties .

After the cross examinations by the PDP counsel the witness was discharged and the respondent counsel informed the tribunal that they would like to seek adjournment till Tuesday to enable them bring the last witness after which they will close their defence and the third respondent open their defence, the demand that was granted by the tribunal and the case now adjourned till Tuesday 5th of February 2019 for continuation of the proceedings.

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