Social Media Uproar As Man Slams Wigwe’s Daughter For Greeting Shettima While Sitting

There was an outrage on X, formerly Twitter, after a user, #sadiqsolar, criticised Tochi Wigwe, daughter of the late Chief Executive Officer of Access Bank Plc, Dr Herbert Wigwe, over a photo of her sitting while greeting Vice President Shettima.

The user, on Thursday, compared a picture of Tochi sitting while shaking hands with the VP with pictures of former Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and Aliko Dangote standing while greeting Shettima at the same event.

sadiqsolar’s caption read, “Same man, different regard. Whoever that girl is, she lacks proper home training. You don’t shake a person old enough to be your father while sitting down.”

Netizens have since opposed his opinion, saying that she was grieving and should not be blamed for her action.

Commenting on his post, a user, Abubakar_Mhmmad, wrote, “You don’t need to have opinion on everything sir, she might be wrong but I’m sure Mr.VP will understand that she’s at her lowest moment.

“She has of recent lost both her parents and the reason for him being there is to commiserate with her and the family, let’s avoid judging people.”

Another tweet by #Nabilah_jay read, “Do you people think at all? This lady just lost three of her family and you are here chasing clout over her not standing up to greet someone.”

One #Olowu007 wrote, “Is it Dangote’s dad that died or the lady? A girl that’s mourning the death of her father, mother and sibling on the same day should be worried about standing up? You no dey disappoint sha!”

Some other users were of the opinion that she probably stood to greet the VP but the picture was captured while she was still sitting.

naturalboifilmz wrote, “It appears she was about to get up but she got caught in the process, which is why you’ll notice their hands haven’t made contact.”

In support, #omexpc commented, “Exactly what I was saying the gist judged an event with just one shoot of pics. Even if she did not stand, as long as she is mourning, i is understandable.”

Credit: X|sodiqsolar

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