Real reasons why governor Oyetola boys sent thugs to attack and distrupts TOP meeting.


Facts have emerged on what led to the attack on members of TOP during the weekly meeting at Oranmiyan house Osogbo last week Thursday. it is necessary to expose the expose why the ileri oluwa boys decided to carry out attack on party members.
For the unsuspecting audience, the thinking will be that the attack was just to scare people away from the meeting and such will prevent them from attending subsequent meetings, but there’s more to the attack than what our people may think.
Since many lies of Gov. Oyetola especially against Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola are being exposed to party members with facts , majority of party members are no longer hiding their dislike and hatred for Gov. Oyetola because to them, his actions are against the interest of the party.
It started with the debt repayment issue. Since the day that Hon. Sikiru Ayedun informed the general public that greater part of the money that the state is owing has been paid back to Oyetola by the federal government but our governor kept quiet about it, the Governor has started losing respect before the party members and the general populace.
After that was the issue of the Mega schools which really exposed the hidden bad intentions of Gov. Oyetola against Ogbeni. The issue created more hatred for the Governor from majority of party members and the general public because of facts of the matter that were exposed to the people at TOP meeting. Engr.Kazeem Salami, the former commissioner for works did so well to inform the people. The development got the Governor angry.
Another big blow to the image of the Governor which made them to carry out the attack on Thursday was the coming of Baba Olopa the former party chairman of Boripe, ( Gov. Oyetola’s local government) to TOP. The former chairman attended the previous Thursday meeting where he promised to attend the next TOP meeting with many party members from his local government and they didn’t want this to happen, that’s why they came to open fire at the meeting.
Prince Bola Oyebamiji, the commissioner for finance made all the arrangements for Akerele, the OPC guy from ikoyi to carry out the assignment, thank God that they failed.
Let anybody tell Mr. Governor that things has never been this bad in the progressive’ s camp in the history of started with him and will definitely end with him soonest.
Till then…………………..

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