Oyo crime rate disturbing, says Chief Judge.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Oyo crime rate disturbing, says Chief Judge

The Chief Judge of Oyo State, Justice Munta Abimbola, on Tuesday stated that crime rate in the state is disturbing, not only because of the audacity of the criminals but also from the form and novel manner in which crime is being perpetrated.

Justice Abimbola stated this while receiving the Oyo State Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Iskilu Abiodun Akinsanya and other key officers of the command at the Conference Room of the state judiciary, High Court Complex, Ring Road, Ibadan.
The Chief Judge said the crisis between herdsmen and farmers in Oke Ogun area of the state is disheartening and volatile.
Abimbola explained that when some issues are politicised, they create problems that become too much to handle and such issues become a problem to the society. He added that he is encouraged by the mediating activities of the NSCDC in that zone of the state because such issues must be handled with care to foster peaceful coexistence.

Comment 2: This was picked from someone’s wall. I do not know the writer.

For the first time I attempted calling His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde three days ago. I made the call in my capacity as an exposed and highly educated citizen, and of course a Phillipian. Only an intelligent mind can know, as at now, assessing the performance of His Excellency, that he has failed woefully. He has failed me personally. I was among the people that has rated him as a progressive individual but highly disappointed in his pseudo development stride. It’s either he is not smart, like I argued with some elders and political stalwarts few years ago..he may on the other hand be surrounded by wrong advisers or political neophytes.

He ought to have acted smarter about Local Government elected chairman since about 8 months he came on board….having failed to act since, he is wrong to be doing what he is doing now.

Many lives are being lost, majority of them not being reported. I guess the bloggers and the news media houses are being settled as usual. Assassination, daylight robbery and the likes are now the order of the day. I had told His Excellency that his romance with kingpin and notorious thugs would spell doom on him who is just building legacy. As far as am concern, his government has no direction at this moment.

It is better he use surrender tactics and go back to drawing table, than to continue the dance of shame all around. Lawyers around him who understand jural relationship could have explained to him that cos he has immunity, he is a sovereign Lord, but he should remember his immunity has expired date.

He also has nothing to offer in terms of education policy. He was too forward to destroy the template he met on ground, only to introduce another policy that is worse off and wicked on common adolescents who have no one to sponsor them. He appeared to be a populists, but as it is, he is behaving like a yahoo yahoo who has come to deceive everybody with sweet promises

Of course I will send him more messages as events continue to emerge……he is heading in a wrong direction and it won’t do him well……

Orun ti o wa loke to o asoo GBE…the sun shinning at the moment is still enough to drive cloth…..

I sob for my State…..he is not smart. Only smart minds can know he is yet to start doing nothing.

My Take:
A few weeks ago, i raised concerns about the security situation in the State, that the situation was becoming dire unlike the relatively peaceful atmosphere we had in the past. Some people ignorantly or out of mischiefs said my comment was political. The above statements from people i have no link or relationship with has justified my position then. Governance is not about media hype. Infact, a governor that is interested in making a difference hardly take time to plan his media. His work speaks for him. This is my candid opinion, it is not about the administration but the reality in Oyo State.

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