Osun civil engagement in Ede South, Hon Famurewa look exposed it all

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


The visit of the special adviser to the Governor on civic engagement Hon. Bosun Oyintiloye and the Director General of ileri oluwa group, Hon. Ajibola Famurewa to Ede South last week Thursday was an event that exposed everything to the general public that the ileri oluwa political game of deceit has no root in Ede South APC.

Judging from the poor turn out to the almost empty tent and refusal of genuine party leaders in Ede South to turn up for the event, there are clear reasons to both Famurewa and Oyintiloye to deliver a message to the governor that their lead foot soldiers in Ede South are empty. Whether they know it or not, we have to let them know that the gathering was dominated by more people from Ede North than Ede South. It was a big shame.
So bad was the outing that till today (5 days after the show of public deceit) none of them has the confidence to say anything about the visit on social media because their lies and deceit were exposed to the public on that day.
To make the matter worse, none of the appointed council chairmen made any reasonable statement on what they have achieved in the last 4 months, no statement on the activities of the government, the crafty SSA to the governor, Lukman Abimbola was tactically absent when one of his colleagues was coming to his Local Government on behalf of their principal. What a shame?
The frustrated look on Hon. Famurewa’s face while addressing the gathering can be understood. The program exposed all of them including Famurewa himself, it dawn on him that he sold bad political products to Gov. Oyetola in Ede South and that the chairmen Deji Agboola and Rafiu Fatoki has been deceiving them that all is well in Ede South.
Meanwhile, we frown at the kind of threat they were issuing to our O’ MEAL and O’YES cadets during and after the program. Such a thoughtless conduct should stop henceforth as it creates unnecessary division and hatred as everybody has a right and freedom to decide whatever he wants. Nobody can be forced to do anything.

The Mandate Group therefore commend all genuine and sincere party members who, out of their self esteem chose to stay away and refused to be part of a program that will dent their political image.We urge all our sincere APC members to keep our party flag flying because in Ede South, we know the real players against the political skit makers.
Let’s keep moving forward till victory is attained.


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