OLUBADAN: “Ladoja is a Chief, We’re Obas” as Colleagues Bypass Him, Appoints Oyewole as Afobaje

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

There are plans to prevent Rashidi Ladoja, Otun Olubadan from ascending the throne of his forefathers in the future,our source has been briefed.

Backed by some ‘powerful forces,’ who believe the former governor must be cut to size with his rejection of elevated Obaship, they want to use the selection process of a new Olubadan to get at him.

In the two lines of the ascension to the Olubadan stool, Ladoja is the head of the Otun line while Owolabi Olakulehin leads the Baloguns. Being the Balogun’s turn to produce the next king, Ladoja automatically becomes the Afobaje of Ibadan. He is supposed to coordinate the process while Tajudeen Ajibola who is the Otun Balogun of Ibadan would move the motion for the selection of Olakulehin.

Instead of Ladoja who is the most senior, the elevated Obas chose Eddy Oyewole, Osi Olubadan who is next after Ladoja in the Otun line, to preside over the selection, saying a high chief can’t lead a team of kings.

But unknown to the elevated Obas, our source can confirm Ladoja and the Olubadan-designate are in talking terms, especially since the position became vacant.
This newspaper understands that except Ladoja, the deceased monarch— Oba Lekan Balogun, his would-be successor— Olakulehin and others accepted the elevated Obaship. Ladoja is, however, challenging it in court.

The elevated Obas, our source learnt, are afraid that Ladoja would strip them of their crowns if he eventually becomes Olubadan.

At Tuesday’s meeting where the selection process for the new Olubadan was to commence, the 9 elevated Obas, who are members of the 11 kingmakers, stayed away with only Ladoja in attendance.

Not in the meeting were Osi Olubadan, Eddy Oyewole; Asipa Olubadan, Abiodun Kola-Daisi; Ekerin Olubadan, Amidu Ajibade and Ekarun Olubadan and Adebayo Akande.

Others were Balogun— Olakulehin; Otun Balogun, Tajudeen Ajibola; Osi Balogun, Lateef Adebimpe; Asipa Balogun, Kolawole Adegbola; Ekerin Balogun, John Isioye Dada and Ekarun Balogun, Abiodun Azeez Agagugu.

According to the royal majesties, “a chief, no matter how high, cannot be superior to or above a royal majesty, adding that High Chief Ladoja, as a chief, cannot convene or chair a meeting where the royal majesties are in attendance.”

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