Nigeria and Africa Development Indicator Monitoring (NADIM) presents the honorable minister of interior Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola the awards of over all best performing governor in Nigeria.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


The honorable minister of interior,Minister of state,Distinguished permanent secretary, directors, other principal officers and members of staff of the ministry, other dignitaries here present, NADIM team members,ladies and gentlemen of the press,ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you all sincerely and severally to this occasion.
I begin my presentation with the recognition and appreciation of the almighty God,our creator, provider and guardian.
We bring you greetings from the chairman BOT of NADIM foundation ,HRH, the emir of shonga,Dr. Haliru Mohammed,OFR,on behalf of the BOT NADIM foundation and members of the NADIM foundation,also from the founder of HIKMAH University, Ilorin where I am currently serving as vice chancellor,Alhaji Chief Dr Abdulraheem Oladimeji,OFR the chairman of the University’s BOT Professor Idris Mohammed,MD,FWACP,FRCP,FAS,OON; our chancellor,Alhaji (Dr) Sayyu Cantata,Chairman of MRS PLC; and the pro chancellor and chairman of our University Council,Dr MD Abubakar,CFR,mni,rtd. IGP. NADIM ( Nigeria and Africa Development Indicator Monitoring) foundation is a non governmental organization with a mission on research and (evidence based,data driven)Advocacy to motivate accountability, responsible leadership and good governance for sustainable development in Nigeria and Africa.

NADIM foundation was born out of the need to address the developmental gaps arising from the key findings of the Nigeria Demographic and health survey carried out by the federal government of Nigeria through the National Population Commission and further analysed in our book titled, Development Performance Ranking of Nigerian states Monitoring of African countries.
Honorable minister, distinguished,ladies and gentlemen, permit me to share with you,the motivation for the book which gave birth to NADIM and its AWARDS.
It is contained in the preface to the book,and as part presented below:
I posed the question that,why is it that if you wear the same cloth or shoes in the UK,USA and most of the developed world,for a week it does not get dirty? The answer is,most of the ground soil and sand have been covered with interlock tiles and well managed grasses. I also asked that,why is it that most parts of the developed world have “conquered” infections?the answer is largely due to their built environment the aesthetically covered ground and chemically treated grasses that eliminated the chances of the survival of the diseases vectors and infections agents. Further more,those countries make sure that majority of their population are gainfully employed and provides regular substisting allowances on monthly basis through their social security safety net to the unemployed, so much so that citizens in those places do not need to steal other people’s phone in order to satisfy their urge. All these have been possible in those countries by their sound ideologies for the life and humanity,social organization, value of sanity; by their design and implementation of mechanism to control greed,embezzlement and mismanagement of their resources; their passion to make life meaningful for others and their recognition that peace and harmony can not strive in an environment if self centeredness,greed and absence of equity and social Justice
The bad leadership,poor governance and misconduct of the populace in Africa and most of the developing world make a mockery of faith and religiosity.
Nigeria is the same class with Saudi Arabia in the group of topmost oil producing countries, yet in that country,unlike Nigeria,travels at night is like afternoon with light on the roads covering long stretch of distance. Also,it is possible to travel distance of 500Km without experiencing a single pothole. It is in those places that citizens would be patriotic,and others like Canadians and Americans would refer to their countries as “My Canada” and I am proud of Ameria respectively.
The Book Haram insurgencies in the North east,separatist movements in the Niger-Delta, MASSOB,and restructuring agitations are some of the extreme reactions to the political and social economic failures of the Nigerian system over the years. Summarily,Nigeria problems lie in leadership and governance.
It is against this perspectives that I got in to the deep thought of what high impact and profound contribution I could contribute to the ideas of solving Nigeria’s problem. So, I came up with this idea on the need to access the accountability, progress and developmental achievements of people in leadership and governance using measurable indicators,as the sure part to attain social justice,sustainable development, security, peace and harmony in Nigeria.
These perspective gave insight to the birth of NADIM foundation as a strategy to challenge our leaders for accountability, responsible leadership,good governance and motivation for the much needed development of our country.

The need for the public measurement of the accountability of people in leadership and governance become the more imperative and critical to achieve meaningful progress and development in the prevailing circumstances of Nigeria and African continent.

Our Objectives include:
The provision of basic indicator for self assessment by leaders,and the measurement of the impact of the leadership and governance in the development of Nigerian communities and African countries.
This audience as well as all Nigerians,deserved to be well informed about how the book we authored and adopted by NADIM foundation to be used as a basis for the conferment of Awards and ranking of Nigerian states and its governors for this Awards.


The value by percentage scores on 18 basis development indicators which are subsumed in the MDGs and subsequently, the SDGs and the world development indicators,were extracted as secondary data from Nigeria Demographic and Health survey (NDHS) 2013,published in June 2014,covering the period,2009-2013 to assess the development performance of the 36 states of federation and FCT.

The Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) report is published by the federal government of Nigeria based on the survey conducted every (5) years by National Population Commission (NPC) in collaboration with the ICF international, Rockville, Maryland, USA, the USAID,The UKAID,and the UNFPA. It is the most comprehensive,most reliable report on Nigeria’s Demography, Health and all other indicators that were reported.
So,using this indicator,we did two types of comparison: one,a comparison between the 18 indicators within each state to identify the areas of developmental strengths and weaknesses of the states and the FCT,and two,the comparison of all 36 states and FCT base on each indicator.
The parameters used for the assessment of the development in the project are in line with citizen’s expectations and the world development indicator. They include ( H2E3N-WATSAN):

Health service.
Housing: Population Wo/men who owed houses.
Electricity: Population of households that have electricity.
Education: Wo/men literacy
Employment: Wo/men
Nutritional status: Birth weight,US children not underweight .
Improved drinking water:
Improved Toilet facility .

However,the current project did not use output such as,number of flyover motor bridges,overhead pedestrian walkway,intracity and intercity tarred road, housing estates,and functional industries as proxy measures for the assessment of the development in the states. Should these be used, Lagos (my own state) would have emerged as overall best.


You may recall that,the honorable minister of interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola,served as the executive governor of the state of Osun between year 2010-2018 which encompass the period of NDHS 2009-2013 that was analysed and earned him the honor of today.
The report of our analyses and Awards were presented to the public at the Yar’adua centre,Abuja on January 22nd 2019. So,quite purposefully,today we are here to celebrate and present the prestigious NADIM 2018 OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP AWARD to the honorable minister of interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola,being the executive governor of the state of Osun during the state attainment of the:

(1) 1st Overall Best state development Award.
(2) 1st best state in % of birth that have reported birth weight p157,NDHS 2013.
(3) 1st best state in % of birth average of larger in weight p157 NDHS 2013.
(4) 2nd best state in % of under 5 children with birth certificate pp20,21NDHS 2013.
(5) 2nd best state in % of literate men 15-49years p38 NDHS 2013.
(6) 2nd best state in % of birth delivered in health facilities pp135, 136 NDHS 2013.
(7) 2nd best state in % of birth delivered by a skilled provider pp139,140 NDHS 2013.
(8) 3rd best state in % of population with improved drinking water p369, NDHS 2013.
(9) 3rd best state in % of women employed p375, NDHS 2013.

In Nigeria 2009-2013.

These assessment and the awards we are conferring,to the best of our knowledge,are unprecedented in the history of our dear nation,Nigeria.

This is because,they are fathom awards,they are neither based on mere likeness of faces and personalities,nor frivolous perceptions. We are not out for the sale of awards,but a passionate,results oriented contribution for a more rapid progress and development of Nigeria and African countries.
It took us more than 3years of rigorous research and scrutiny to come up with these findings,hence the length of time before publishing our figures in 2018.
We also obtained data from the report of the world bank, world Health Organization, transparency international and the Social progress imperative for the comparison of African countries.
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, please join me in standing ovation with resounding sounds of applause for this illustrious Nigerian,a symbol and hallmark of hard work and dedication to service,an achiever per excellence, the honorable minister of interior Ogbeni Raid Aregbesola as the overall Best executive governor in Nigeria in development of Nigeria a state in the period under consideration when he served as the executive governor of the state of Osun.

Thank you so much,ladies and gentlemen, congratulations,the honorable minister sir.

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