My rumoured defection, a joke taken too far, Semiu Okanlawon.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

My Rumoured Defection is a Joke Taken Too Far

My attention has been drawn to a rumoured defection to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party.
I had initially dismissed this as a mere joke initiated online by a stalwart of the same party who was just playing a prank.
But as day went by, the rumour was taking a life of its own while I have been inundated with calls and messages from leaders of both my party, the All Progressive Congress and those of the PDP alike where I also have friends across Nigeria to confirm the authenticity of the viral message.
Let me be straight. I remain a member of the APC and there are no circumstances that are strong enough to change that.
It is unfortunate that the APC in Osun is currently enmeshed in an unexpected and needless bickering. And I am quite conscious the sad development has created rooms for all manners of calculations.
But I remain conscious of the pact the APC has with the people of Osun especially as espoused under the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

“Even in the face of temporary setbacks for the party in Osun, I am consoled by the fact that till date, our people are still celebrating the sterling performance of the Aregbesola administration.
The APC brought unprecedented development to Osun. All we would have required is to continue to build on that and not embark on needless internal wrangling giving strength to several rumours just like this latest one.
“I served for eight years as the Director, Bureau of Communications and Strategy and later as Special Adviser, Information and Strategy under the leadership of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, I am a living witness to the unprecedented development the Governor brought to the State.

“I am not decamping to PDP. I remain a member of APC no matter what the party may be experiencing. And it is my conviction that things will be straightened out.

“It is on record that the progressive government is the best that the state could ever have. The APC has come to stay to continue development and provision of life more abundant for the good people of Osun.”


Semiu Okanlawon
Former Director, Bureau of Communication/
Special Adviser, Ministry of Information & Strategy,
State of Osun

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