Muslims Wake up from your Slumber : See politics as a tool for emancipation – Group Warns

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

*Muslims Wake up from your Slumber : See politics as a tool for emancipation – Group Warns*

A group under the auspices of Muslim Political Awareness Forum *MUPAF* is urging Muslims to have a change of attitude towards politics especially those who sees it as dirty game to wake up from their slumber and passionately participate actively in politics towards bringing about the much needed and desired change in the country and for the good of all.

In a statement by the National Coordinator of the group based in Iwo, Osun state Lukman Bamidele Obembe says “it is high time we Muslims are awakened from our slumber and see active participation in politics as the only opportunity left us to restore our lost glory in this great country Nigeria.”

Obembe believes Almighty Allah has perfected his Deen (Religion) for Muslims and Has given them opportunity and privileges that has not been bestowed or given to others.

“All we need is to see opportunity and harness it. We Muslims do meet 5 times a day during our compulsory congregation prayer, once in a week at a larger gathering every jumat service, twice in a year for Eid. Now tell me, any political party or any religion that does that?” Obembe added.

The MUPAF National Coordinator says, Muslims have great opportunities that they haven’t been using to mobilize eligible voters to create the chance needed in the society noting that, apart from creating and championing unnecessary arguments that are always leading to discord and ofcourse disunity among faithful they should create opportunity for righteous and morally upright ones to climb the ladder of success for the betterment of the society.

Obembe hinted that Allah will not descend from heaven to correct the ills and wrongs of the society except mankind decides to take the bull by horn to correct it by themselves as such everyone should carefully reflect on this and act.

Obembe enjoined those who have attained voting age to as a matter of urgency get themselves registered in the ongoing continuous voter registration by INEC while those who haven’t collect their permanent voter cards should do so at their nearest INEC offices.

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