Independence Day: Remain committed to united Nigeria, Gov Oyetola urges Osun citizens.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Independence Day: Remain committed to united Nigeria, Gov Oyetola urges Osun citizens

. Assures them of better days ahead

Governor Adegboyega Oyetola of the State of Osun has asked all the citizens, at home and in the Diaspora, to remain firmly committed to the unity of Nigeria as a nation.

He made the call yesterday in his goodwill message to the people of the state on the occasion of the nation’s 59th independence anniversary.

Assuring them of better days ahead, Oyetola maintained that no achievement could surpass the country’s togetherness as a nation which has remained intact in spite of all the challenges that had threatened it in the last 59 years.

He added that the people owed the country a responsibility to join the government in the task of interrogating issues that threaten the country’s collective survival as a nation, with a view to marshalling out plans for socio-political and economic growth and sustainable development.

“I congratulate and felicitate with every citizen of The State of Osun, and by extension, all Nigerians, on this joyous event and on the journey so far.

“On all accounts, it is appropriate to rollout the drums to celebrate the accomplishment of the vision of our founding fathers to birth a strong, indivisible, peaceful and prosperous Nigeria.

“Although the journey has been adorned by dark days of colonialism, a shattering civil war and occasional crises, we have proved to the world that our ethnic, linguistic and religious diversities are sources of strength, not division.

“Fifty-nine years down the road, we have had our accomplishments and failings, but Project Nigeria is on course.

“Consequently, we owe it to ourselves and posterity to continue to interrogate issues that threaten our collective survival as a nation. In our introspection, we must review not just the last fifty-nine years but also attempt to project further afield into the years ahead and marshal our plans for socio-political and economic growth and sustainable development,” he said.

Oyetola also reiterated the commitment of the administration to delivering on all its campaign promises and supporting the sustainable development agenda of the Federal Government across all sectors of the economy.

He urged the citizens to continue to cooperate with the government in sustaining and maintaining her status as the most peaceful state in the country.

“The Federal Government employed pragmatic policies, including diversifying the economy, frontally fighting corruption, securing the nation and introducing policies to put the nation on a realistic course.

“We have keyed into these programmes in the State of Osun, introducing policies that deliver equitable projects, programmes and services in critical sectors, especially in security, health, economy, education, infrastructure and agriculture. ”

“In the 10 months of our administration, we have touched lives in these areas in all the federal constituencies in the state. We are constructing, renovating and revitalising 332 Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) -one-per-ward across the state.

“We are fighting unemployment, hunger, dwindling economy, unemployment and flashes of insecurity headlong and we are getting enduring results along the way.

“We shall vigorously pursue these policies as a foundation for delivering results on a massive scale in the remaining years.

“Our State was created three decades after independence but we have proved that we have all it takes to be outstanding. The national distinction and recognition our state won in health and peace last year were as a result of your cooperation and support.

“We appeal to you all to continue to relate with each other in peace and to cooperate with our government to deliver on its mandate of providing equitable services to the people.

“We should all continue to pursue the Omoluabi path of peaceful coexistence, commitment, industry, integrity and resilience that has delivered a peaceful, indivisible and strong State of Osun and Nigeria.

“This is a sure way to putting the nation on the irreversible and enduring path of unity, peace and progress. Once again, I congratulate you all on the nation’s 59th Independence Anniversary and welcome you to better days ahead,” the governor added.

Ismail Omipidan

Chief Press Secretary to Governor Adegboyega Oyetola


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