Ikirun chieftaincy tussle,Gbeleru ruling house cries out for Justice

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

It is timely to call the attention of Governor Oyetola to the wicked attempts of some of his surrogates to subvert the custom and sequence of chain of the Ikirun chieftain declaration. Ikirun was not founded on politics and as such politics must be played down to achieve oneness and growth for Ikirun. It is not in contention that Gboleru Ruling House is the next to produce Oba to the vacant stool. And this ruling house has done so much in harmonisation to produce a common list of all their eligible Princes. What is expected is for the government to ensure fairness and justice by allowing the rightful ruling house to produce the next King. It is the prerogative of Mr Governor Gboyega Oyetola to chose anyone among the about 20 eligible Princes that the Gboleru Ruling House have presented and let Ikirun reign in tranquility moving forward. The town should not be set aback and its peace threatened on account of jumping due process. Mr Governor should be patient to get all his facts so that already biased surrogates will not mislead him. Oyetola has this opportunity to get it right with the Ikirun chieftainship ascension so that history can be kind to him when he leaves the office eventually.

Osun A Dara!
Ikirun O Nii Baje!!
Gboleru Ruling House A Ladun!!!

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