Disregard Obasanjo’s threat; National coordinator of The Disciples Of Jagaban, Comrade Abdulhakeem Alawuje charges Nigerian youths.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

The Nationsl coordinator of The Disciples Of Jagaban Comrade AbdulHakeem Alawuje; has charged the Nigeria youths to disregard former president Obasanjo vituperation on the the Youths and Old on leadership position in the country;  Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje asks the youth and the masses of this country to disregard formal president Olusegun obasanjo statement on the youth and the masses,

Alawuje enjoined the youths and the masses to participate actively in the activities the country than ever before,

When Chief Olusegun obasanjo brought in late formal president Umar Ya’aradua in 2007, as a president, hope of being in underground controlling him, when the man realized he was not sincere to the country welfare, then Ya’aradua turned back on him, he became his great enemy,

He supported President Good lock Jonathan, when the man refused to continue to following his devil way of life,
He joined American and the opposition to remove him,
The same Obasanjo destroyed more than five milions nigerians youth and masses, when he was a president,
He was brought in by General Ibrahim Babangida and general Abdulsallam Abubakar, to come and unite nigerians but he ended up in dividing the country,

He is now seriously looking for a youth that he can be telegiulding, all his political strategies have  expired.

The National coordinator of Disciples of Jagaban (DOJ) said in the history of this country noone have the opportunity to empower and protect the interest of the youth and masses like Obasanjo but he failed completely in this regard.

Obasanjo is an elderly man that can sacrifice the peace and the unity of this country for his own personal interest.

Obasanjo supposed to be the most respective leader in this country, but because of the kind of person he is he could not justify the position he suppose to be.
DOJ will not use any abusive words against him,
If there is someone who is old enough to give birth to Obasanjo as long as that person is fully ready to protect his interest Obasanjo will be ready to support him.
DOJ are now pleading to him, you have spent your own Eight years as president which you had all chances to solve this country problem, you failed, you don’t remember your age then to the extent of still looking for seeking for third term in office.

Alawuje said this is the system or a strategies to destroy the masses and youth focus,

Please baba leave us alone. He said.

The youth and the masses of this country have already designed a good and best way to rescue and redeem ourselves.

According to him, unless old people are forced out of the political stage, they will continue to occupy the leadership positions to the detriment of the youths.

Alawuje said we agreed that some old people are evils while some are still better than some of the youths,
The country will not get total independent unless we squeeze some bad elders like Obasanjo and his like minds and some polluted youths out, they will not want to be out, but by God grace we will force them out of the county he concluded.

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