by Adabanija Kamorudeen



By Adabanija Qomarudeen Idowu.

After governorship election and the litigation that followed thereafter, now it is time for our governor to settle down for real business of governance.

Although the governor has started on a very good note since he was declared winner of the election and subsequent swore in but,it is not an overstatement that the litigation that followed the said election slowed down the activities of government.

Now that the distractions are over and it is time to select those that will work with Mr governor for the smooth running of government, it is very important to advice our governor as a true party loyalist as to who are those the governor need to appoint as commissioners and special advisers.

Lobbying and all kind of intrigues are going on by the interested party men who want to be part of the new cabinet but, my own concern as party loyalist is that our governor must check very well who he will chose among those lobbying to be appointed.
For instance electoral value and acceptability of whoever will be chosen is very important because of future elections.

Many of those currently jostling to be appointed have no electoral value at all but they are only banking on their closeness with the power brokers and this may affect our party in future elections if care is not taken because election is all about people.

How do you expect someone who is not close to his people at the grassroot to mobilize for elections when it is time?

Another issue is the tested ones among lobbyists, the governor must not fail to consider some of them who are electoral assets to our great party, though they may have served the past government but, some of them have done wonderfully very well in term of performances in office and relationship with the people at the grassroot. Such people if shown interest should be given another chance, having done very well before unlike those who doesn’t have electoral value at all among them. Imagine someone who served in the past administration either as elected or appointed officer but,could not build any political empire to rest on for the whole years he/she was in office but only relying on governor’s popularity,this is very ridiculous. Some of them could not win their polling unit let alone their ward talk less of their local government, such people should not be given chance again at all, no matter their relationship with Mr governor.

The business of governance this time around should change from the past especially in Osun here,we must get ourselves prepared for the next governorship election coming up in 2022 by appointing those who have electoral values which will boost the chance of our party in the next election not those who have no good relationship with the people at the grassroot but they are just opportunists who will get appointment and distance themselves from their people and will not relate with them until when another election is around the corner.

May God lead our governor right and give him wisdom to chose wisely.


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