Armed Men Attack Aregbesola’s Aide, Safety.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Armed Men Attack Aregbesola’s Aide, Safety

It what seems to be an action film, armed men laid seige to the house of Comrade Abosede Oluwaseun, commonly known as ‘Safety’ who is an aide to former Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

Comrade Abosede Oluwaseun was attacked by five armed men who covered their faces around 10:00PM yesterday, Thursday, the 26th of August in his house at Dada Estate, Osogbo.

The armed men scaled the fence and hijacked the exist door at the kitchen of the house when his wife was about to close it.

Comrade Abosede Oluwaseun and his wife were tied in both hands and legs by their assailants who threatened to kill our comrade. The husband and wife were mercilessly beaten with cutlasses.

The attackers asked our comrade to deactivate every security setting on his phone and they concentrated on the phone for almost an hour until they were sure that passwords of the phone and apps have been truly removed. They thereafter started studying the contents inside the phone.

They transferred all the money in Comrade Safety’s account to that of his wife whose ATM has earlier been collected. The also collected simcards of his wife. While the operation was going on, the Armed men were saying “we are taking you to where you will be killed.”

They left the house around 1am of Friday, August 27, with Comrade Safety’s car (Toyota Camry) after he deactivated the security of the vehicle at gun point. Comrade safety and his wife were left with the hands and legs tired.

The case was reported at Dada Estate Police Station in the middle of the night and police made commendable interventions. Our comrade left the station at past 4pm today, Friday, August 27.

However, the car was later seen around 7am parked a pole away to the Dada Estate Police Station. The number of the car was removed and taken away.

There is no doubt that the attack on Comrade Safety is a state sponsored one. From simple logic, armed robbers and common thieves know that they could be tracked with phone, so they are always careful. But the Armed men that attack comrade safety took their time, about one hour on just a phone, raising suspicion that they might have been sent to steal the phones for the information on it alone, because of our comrade’s network and involvement in some political activities which the government is not happy with. Armed robbers who know they are on police raider will not come to the police station to drop the stolen vehicle. We have no doubt that the assailants were sponsored by the state.

Again, which manner of armed robbers will have the luxury of time to have engaged their supposed victim for close to an hour mainly on phone, passwords and SIM cards when there are obvious other valuables in the house.

The assailants kept using the WhatsApp, Facebook and email of their “victim”, for what reason one must ask. They also went as far as connecting the phone to WiFi internet when the “victim” eventually blocked his mobile number.

Why go through the pain of stealing a vehicle then returning it to a pole from the scene of the theft?

It is obvious that the attackers were not after valuables, but they came mainly for the phone of their “victim” and the likely information on the said phone.

Safety has been a key figure in the Secretariat unit of The Osun Progressives, TOP. He is a die-hard disciple of Rauf Aregbesola.

It is safe to assume that his assailants were after information they assumed he is having on his phone/sim cards

We note that Comrade Safety is the third to be attacked by the agents of the government in this year’s. Everybody that belongs to the Aregbesola’s group in Osun APC appears not to even safe now. The government elements will be put to shame.

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