Aregbesola hasn’t reached his peak in Nigerian politics, governance – Ondo monarch.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Aregbesola hasn’t reached his peak in Nigerian politics, governance – Ondo monarch.

A prominent traditional ruler in Ondo State, the Owaale of Ikare-Akoko, Oba Adefemi Adeleke Adegbite has declared that the former Minister of Interior, Mr Rauf Aregbesola is yet to reach the pinnacle of his political career.

The monarch stated that those who think the end has come for Aregbesola in Nigerian politics and governance will soon be disappointed.

Oba Adegbite maintained that Aregbesola has not reached the peak of his political career, noting that the former governor of Osun State still has many years to shine in Nigerian politics.

According to him, Aregbesola has an innate Omoluabi virtue which makes him an outstanding public figure and a humanist.

The monarch spoke on Saturday at a reception organized for the former Minister by the Old Students Association of Akoko Anglican Grammar School, Arigidi-Akoko, Ondo State.

Oba Adegbite said “Aregbesola is a rare politician with innate Omoluabi virtues. He is responsible, transparent and humane. He is a blessing to many generations.

“Let me state that the end has not come for Aregbesola in Nigerian politics and governance. Those who think the end has come for him will be disappointed eventually. He has not reached the peak of his political career. The road to farm will not be blocked to a farmer that has God and cutlass. We shall all be alive to celebrate another good chapter of his life.”

Speaking at the event, Aregbesola appreciated his supporters, lovers and others who have been welcoming him home after the completion of his tenure as Minister.

“I thank God for enabling me to serve with distinction, honour and integrity as Minister and returning home to these receptions and tumultuous celebrations. The outpouring of love by the people, friends and associates fill me with the deepest emotions and never cease to draw tears from my eyes”, he stated.

He said: “Today, I am happy and fulfilled. It is by the grace of God and a great privilege to have been in a position of leadership three times and to have left indelible footprints on my paths and be celebrated in this manner.”

Aregbesola noted that the quality of education he received while growing up stimulated his education reform when he was the governor of Osun State.

He said: “I must also mention however, that the schools across Western Region at the time taught and instilled ethics, social etiquette, morals and leadership and produced these great people.

“This is a testament to a remarkable public education policy and programme of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his people oriented political platform.

“When I became governor in Osun, I sought to replicate this idea. Our administration built 11 state of the art 3,000 capacity model secondary schools, in addition to rehabilitating and upgrading the existing ones.

“Each school has 72 classrooms which can each comfortably accommodate 49 students and six rooms for study groups. It is equipped with six laboratories, 36 toilets separated equally for boys and girls, two libraries for science and arts each, facility manager’s office, a bookshop and a sick bay.

“We introduced Opon Imo the tablet of Knowledge; a digital education tool, ethics and discipline in public schools and even established a state-wide agency on public school discipline. We introduced calisthenics and school feeding and health programme.

“Nevertheless, our commitment then was from the understanding that there is no alternative to a sound public foundation education.

“All governments must therefore know that no matter how attractive private schools may be, they will never be able to displace government funded public foundation education schools, if we really want to provide education to all the children and stimulate development from bottom up. It is a dream we must never give up on,” he added

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