We Have To Unbundle INEC…SRJEstablishment of…

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

We Have To Unbundle INEC.   …SRJ

Establishment of the State Police.

I’m sponsoring a bill for the establishment of the State Police. The bill has has passed first reading on the floor of the Senate.There is the need for the State Police because it’s clear Nigeria is grossly under policed,under secure. And about the fear in some quarters that State Police could be abused by the State Governments,we have to check that by strengthening the judiciary and the principles of the rule of law. We cannot call for dismantling of the Federal Police because it is used by the Federal Government over the years to it’s own advantage.

Unbundling INEC
I’m equally working on a bill to unbundle INEC. The Commission has so much in its hand. There should be a separate body on Political Party Registration And Regulation. It will see to,among other functions,how candidates emerge as their parties’ standard bearers.This step would definitely make INEC more effective with the reduced workload.

Security In The South West

South West is the best terms of security,much better secure than other regions.There is however politicization of security issues in Nigeria. Crimes tend to be ethnicised. The media could choose to report a razor cut as a bomb explosion and vice versa as it suits their fancy. This is not good for our democracy. Prior to 2019 General Elections,every crime in Nigeria was attributed to the Fulani herdsmen.But immediately the election was won and lost, the rackets of noise about the Fulani herdsmen petered out. The media has to do a lot to fortify our democracy.

My View On Amotekun
The Attorney General’s outburst is an expression of his opinion.It could be his advice to his Principal.Eminent lawyers such as Aare Afe Babalola have come out to speak on the matter. Amotekun will come to the National Assembly for debates. South West caucus of the APC will also meet it. I don’t join issues premised on ethnicity,issues that are capable of dismembering the Nation. Let’s wait and see what the courts will decide about its legality or otherwise.

Renovation of The National Assembly With #37b
Let’s get this clear. The renovation of the National Assembly is not the business of the Senate.The National Assembly Complex belongs to the Federal Capital Development Authority. But with the situation of the economy,what we need now is some palliative instead of comprehensive renovation.

Osun APC
APC is better in the South West in the areas of infrastructure. The blind could see the mammoth change on the Lagos Ibadan Expressway abandoned and turned into a death trap by the previous administration. When we now come down to Osun,we cannot but thumed up for the Progressives right from the era of Chief Adebisi Akande through Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola who laid a solid foundation for infrastructural development in the State. Kudos to him. We now celebrate the incumbent Governor Gboyega Oyetola for building on what Aregbesola did. He has done well in the democratization of the health sector with the upgrade of 332 primary health care centres and conversion of the State Hospital Asubiaro Osogbo to the status of a Specialist Hospital. The Governor also draws applause by trying to meet his obligations to workers. Democracy is being consolidated in Osun under Governor Oyetola and we are building on that to ensure that the opposition is finally decimated in the State.

Disquiet In Osun APC
Rumours and speculations thrive in politics. The friendship of Aregbesola and Oyetola predated their coming to Osun. Their relationship is 19 years old. APC is a party of discipline and leadership. We are not swayed by the unfounded information about divisions in our party. We are one big Progressives family in Osun. I’m always in constant Communication with Governor Oyetola. He is my Governor,I’m his Senator.

My Ambition
In our party, leaders decide who get what,whatever your aspiration. The party decided on this first term Senatorial candidacy of mine.If the same hierarchy believes I have done well to deserve second term ticket,so be it. But personally, I have the ambition of becoming the Senate President. With that, I’m in the position to serve our people the more.

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu
After meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, Asiwaju Tinubu came out to tell everybody that it was too early to talk about 2023. If however and at any time he decides to contest for Presidency, he is more than qualified. I give him all my support. It’s going to be for the betterment of the people.

“SRJ’s Interview on OSBC TV And Rave FM”

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